Included in this trunk set are lots of fun small group and whole class activities to teach about wetlands. This includes cute puppets and a puppet show script. Most of the activities contained in the trunks can be completed at a wetlands site.

And So They Build by Bert Kitchen
Around the Pond (Wild Wonder Series) by Lindsay Barrett George
Around The Pond: Who's Been There? by Lindsay Barrett George
A Summer In The Life of Wild Mallards by Kent Olson
Box Turtle at Long Pond by William T. George and Lindsay Barrett George
Eastern South Dakota Wetlands by Johnson & Higgins
Frogs by Nic Bishop
Frogs, Toads and Turtles (A Take-Along Guide) by Diane Burns
Leapfrogging Through Wetlands (Discovery Library) by Margaret Anderson, et. al.
Neighbors by Kent Olson
One Small Square - Swamp by Donald Silver
Puddler: A Wetlands Wildlife Magazine by Ducks Unlimited
Wading Into Wetlands by National Wildlife Federation
Water Insects (A Learner Natural Science Book) by Sylvia A. Johnson and Madoki Masuda
Wetlands by Galadriel Watson
The Wonders of Wetlands: An Educator's Guide by Alan S. Kesselheim, et. al.


Romp In The Swamp by "Billy B" Brennan
The Frog Chorus by David Stokes
Singing in Our Garden by Banana Slug String Band


Pond and River: Eyewitness Video Series
Fabulous Wetlands
by Bill Nye the Science Guy
We All Live Downstream
Wetlands & Wonder


Amphibia Trivia
Eco Beaver
Prairie Wetland Friends
Shorebird Migration Game
Track Match
Wandering Water Bugs
Wetland Food Web
What's It Worth To You?
Who Am I?
Who Knew They Did So Much


Frog Juice: Card Game
Hoppers: Board Game
Marsh Masters - A Wetland Game
Scramble Squares - Wetland Birds: Brain Teaser
The Bug Game: Matching Card Game
Kids Discover Pack: Wetlands


Travels of Wendy the While Rumped Sandpiper
Mini Pages
Wetlands: Water, Wildlife, Plants & People
Water Quality: Potential Sources of Pollution
Watersheds: Where We Live
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