Included in this trunk set are lots of fun small group and whole class activities to teach about weather. This includes a great reader's theater script with props based on a "Fractured Fairy Tale". Many activities contained in the trunks can be completed outdoors.

13 Planets by David Aguilar
Blizzards by Patrick Merrick
Can It Really Rain Frogs? by Spencer Christian and Antonia Felix
Do Tornadoes Really Twist? by Melvin and Gilda Berger
Everything Weather by Kathy Furgang
Hail by Liza Burby
Hail Storms by Jim Messanotte
Lightning by Suzanne Harper
North American Indian Stories by Gretchen Mayo
Punxsutawney Phil & His Weather Wisdom by Julia Moutran
Sing Along with the Weather dude w/CD by Nick Walker
Snow Crystals by W. A. Bentley
Snowoff and the Rowdy-Cloudy Bunch w/ CD by Carolyn White
Snowff's Misterious Journey w/ CD by Carolyn White
Storm Chasers by Trudi Strain Trueit
The Kid's Book of Clouds and Sky by Frank Staub
Weather & Art Activites by Arty Facts
Weather Math by Kieran Walsh
What Will The Weather Be? by Lynda DeWitt
Wild About Weather by The National Wildlife Federation
Wild Weather Mazes by Roger Moreau

Rain Showers by Nature's Rhythm (CD)
Singing in the Garden
by Banana Slug String Band (CD)
Thunderstorm In the Wilderness
by Dan Gibson (CD)
by Twin Sisters Science Series (CD)
by Dan Gibson (CD)


After the Storm (DVD)
Eyewitness Weather (35 minute video)
Inside the Weather (DVD)
Weather for Children - All About Climate & Seasons (23 minute DVD)
Weather for Children - All About Meteorology (23 minute DVD)
Weather for Children - All About Rain, Snow, Sleet (23 minute DVD)
Weather for Children - All About Wind & Clouds (23 minute DVD)


Blizzard Bingo
Live! Its Fairy Tale News
Pack Your Bags
Twist and Spout
Weather Clever Catch Ball
Weather Tracker
Wind Bags


Garden-opoly: Board Game
Learning Puzzles - Temperature: Puzzle
Linkology Card Game
Storm Science Activity Books
- Terrifying Tornadoes
- Striking Lightning
- Frightful Floods
- Historic Hurricanes
Weather Quiz: Weather Card Deck
Kids Discover Packs
- Rain & Snow
- Weather
- Tornadoes


A Guide to the Sky
Clark Planetarium Solar System Facts
Exploring Space Weather
Lighting Striking Tree
Nature's Majesty
Poster of the Solar System
Rainbow Over Canyon
Small Posters: Snow, Wind, Fog, Sun
Solar Flare & Earth's Magnetosphere
The Weather
Tornado in Field
Worldwide Weather
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