Included in this trunk set are lots of fun small group and whole class activities to teach about lakes and streams (surface water). This includes fun puppets and a puppet show script. Many activities contained in the trunks can be completed at a lake or stream site.

A Canoe Trip by Bobbie Kalman
A Journey Into a River by Rebecca Johnson
A Journey Into a Lake by Rebecca Johnson
Amphibian by Barry Clarke
Animal Lives: The Otter by Sandy Ransford
A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History by Lynne Cherry
Around The Pond: Who's Been There? by Lindsay Barrett George
Aquatic Habitats by GEMS
Beavers by Helen Moore
Frog Math: Predict, Ponder and Play (Great Explorations in Math and Science) by Jaine Kopp
Frogs by Gail Gibbons
Frogs, Toads & Turtles by Diane Burns
Hydrology - The Study of Water by Christine Taylor-Butler
Looking at Lakes by Sarah Irvine
Minn of the Mississippi by Holling
Morning On The Lake by Jan Bourdeau Waboose and Karen Reczuch
One Small Square - Pond by Donald Silver
Pond & River by Eyewitness
Pond Life by Golden Guide
Pond Life: Intro to Familiar Plants & Animals by Pocket Naturalist
Pond Life: Educational Games & Activities by Pocket Naturalist
Pond Watching with Ann Morgan (Naturalist Apprentice Biographies) by Michael Elsohn Ross and Wendy Smith
River Cutters - Teachers Guide by LHS Gems
River Discoveries by Ginger Wadsworth
River Wild: An Activity Guide to N.A. Rivers by Nancy Castaldo
The Raft by Jim LeMarche
The River - A Scholastic Book by Gary Paulsen
The Sacred Harvest: Ojibway Wild Rice by Gordon Regguinti
Watching Water Birds (Watching Wildlife with Jim Arnosky) by Jim Arnosky
Water Insects (A Learner Natural Science Book) by Sylvia A. Johnson and Modoki Masuda

All The Rivers Run by Alex Beren/National Park Foundation
Friend of the River by Bill Oliver and the Otter Space Band
Have to Have a Habitat by Bill Oliver
Only One Ocean by Banana Slug String Band
The River Rocks
Water All Over the World
by Stan Slaughter


Pond and River: Eyewitness Video Series
The Mighty River (VHS))
The Surface Water Video (VHS)
Beavers IMAX (DVD)


Cool, Clear Water
Exploring River Environments
Frog In The Pond
Hop To The Pond
Insects as Indicators
Key That Fish!
The Flatfoot Fox and the Case of the Nosy Otter
The Murky Water Caper - Readers Theater
Wandering Water Bugs


Amphibian Rubbing Plates
Freshwater Life Card Game
Kids Discover Pack: Mississippi
Macro Mania Game
River Crossing: Brain Teaser
Reading Comprehension Cards
- Freshwater Habitiats
- Reptiles & Amphibians
- Freshwater Invertebrates
Scramble Squares - Frogs
The Pond Giant Floor Puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle


Cool Clear Water Activity Map
Exploring River Environments
Fishes of the Dakotas
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