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These presenter kits have been developed for use at the Big Sioux Water Festival. Occasionally, we loan out these kits for educational use. Each kit contains all the information and supplies you would need to teach a water concept within 30 minutes.
Story board about acid rain with an activity that simulate the effects of acid rain
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Story Cards | Story Boards | Activity Book | Game Card
Art project making tropical fish aquariums
Presenter Kit | Fish Templates | Aquarium Guide
Learn about the water treatment process and build your own aquifer
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Officer Badges | Water Treatment Process | Posters | Banner
Secchi disk/Lake monitoring activity
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards
Kids build towns on maps and try to figure out who has the rights to their water
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Landuse Board | Landuse Pieces | Best Interest Poster | Neck Cards | Handout
Create a frog, listen to frog sounds, and compete to see who can eat the most bugs in 2 minutes
Presenter Kit | Presenter Notes | Frog Mask | Bugs | Frog Fact Cards
Outdoor activity about fishing and catching contaminated fish
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Fish Tags | Tommy Trout Coloring Book
Kids learn about fishing and fishing safety
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | First Aid Kit Inventory List | Fishing Safety Coloring Page
Kids build a lined landfill and then see what happens when they pollute the aquifer
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Banner | Word Find List | Word Find Puzzle
Kids go through an obstacle course to find out what a salmon has to go through
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Neck Card
Learn how plants are categorized
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Cottonwood Tree | Character List | Leaf Pattern | Plant Facts
Listen to a story and solve the mystery by doing an activity
Presenter Kit | Story Boards | Story Cards | Activity Cards | Neck Cards | Water Maze Handout
Paint fish using the Gyotaku technique
Presenter Kit | Fish Descriptions
Make your own rainstick
Presenter Kit
Identify non-point sources of pollution
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Station Grid | Course Labels
Learn about the water cycle and make your own terrarium
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Water Cycle Drawing | Student Handout
Produce the sounds of a thunderstorm using nothing else but your body parts
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Thunderstorm Coloring Book
Construct your own critter hat
Presenter Kit | Info Cards | Animal Patterns | Headband Labels | Construction Directions | Completed Hats
Investigate water properties (surface tension, capillary action, buoyancy, and water cohesion)
Presenter Kit | Instruction Cards | Race & Stretch Gameboard
Make food from a real wetland and then eat it
Presenter Kit | Information Cards | Recipes | Student Handout
Role playing to learn about water usage and ownership
Presenter Kit | Cue Cards | Map | User Symbols | Word Find
Learn about water pollution from a fish's perspective
Presenter Kit | Journey Cards | Student Handout
Learn how to create less trash by reducing, reusing, or recycling through a hands-on activity
Presenter Kit | Station Signs | Rubbish Key | Student Handout
Conduct an experiment with pH strips to analyze different substances
Presenter Kit | Lab Sheet | pH Poster | Acid Rain Poster