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Website last updated February 2, 2022
The Big Sioux Water Festival has classroom educational trunks available to check-out. These trunks are full of hands-on activities and lessons that can easily be incorporated into your curriculum. We also have a Mosasaur Resource Kit for your use. They are all free of charge & we deliver right to your school each month!
We have four types of trunks available. Click on each one to see what its comprised of!
Lakes & Streams Trunk
Wacky Weather Trunk
Wetlands to Go Trunk
Water History Trunk
Are you a teacher that attends the Big Sioux Water Festival? Interested in signing up for a trunk or a kit to use in your classroom? .....then click here!
Check us out on
Mosasaur Resource Kit
...and the following kits:
Prairie Pollinators Info Board & Kit
Aquatic Invasive Species Kit