To promote interdisciplinary learning, many informal theme-based activities have been developed to supplement existing elementary curriculum.
Make a Bird Mask (art and Science)

Rainforest Reckoning (mathematics)

Scramble Squares (science game)

Rainforest Animal Bookmarkers (science and social studies)

Tropical Rainforest Slideshow

The Great Kapok Tree (reader's theatre)

Tropical Treats (art and science)
JAGUAR by Roland Smith.
Rainforest Themed Activities
Windblown Writing (reading)

Mapping the Weather (geography)

Dizzy Twister (art)

The Weather Zapper Radio Play (reading)

Make An Anemometer (science)

Tantalizing, Tessellating Snowflake (science)

Weather Fundamentals (science DVD)

Clouds & Weather (short video)

Weather Bookmarkers
The Magic School Bus Series
Weather Themed Activities
The Loch Ness Times (reading, writing, and art)

Eat At Nessies (art and mathematics)

The Case of the Mysterious Renters (reading, science)

The Murky Water Caper (reading, science, and art)

What Happened to Wendy Water? (science game)

Loch Nessie and Ladders (history and science)

The Case of the Disappearing Water (reading and science)
THE BOGGART and the MONSTER by Susan Cooper
Water Mysteries Themed Activities
Planet Plop (science)

Water In Your Home (science)

The Right Stuff (science and art)

Conservation Chateau (science and mathematics)

Hydro-Logic (science and geography)

Puddle Pictures (art, reading and science)

Your Hometown Clean Water Tour
SPRING WATERS, GATHERING PLACES by Sandra Chishold DeYonge - Project Wet
Conservation Themed Activities
Water, Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink
(science, art, and theatre)

You Can Use It For.... (reading and science)

Just The Facts, Ma'am (social studies and science)

WaterSpout (science, math, and reading)

Now You See It, Now You Don't (social studies and science)

Planet Plop (reading, art, and science)

Water Cycle Movie (CD-ROM)
A DROP AROUND THE WORLD by Barbara Shaw McKinney
Water Cycle Themed Activities
I Am Part of the Water Cycle (science and reading)

Water Cycle Adventure (reader's theatre)

The Story of Drinking Water (science and reading)

The Water Cycle

Invitation to Learn (science)

Water Charades (reading)

More Water Charades (reading)

Water Cycle Cool Cards (science and math)
THE RAINSTICK, a fable by Sandra Chisholm Robinson - Project Wet
Weather and Storytelling Themed Activities
Earth, The Water Planet (science and art)

Puddle Pictures

Water Cycle Adventure (reader's theatre)

Matching Game: How Much Water

Thirstin's Water Adventure

The Water Cycle Poster
The Magic School Bus Series
Water Cycle Themed Activities
Informal Teaching Units
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