Objective: Students will be able to brainstorm ways in which water is used.

Materials: Giant Water Drop, place cards, crayons and markers, scissors, laminate (optional)

Background: Water is a natural resource that we all share. Many people do not realize how much water is used in the home each day. Water is a limited resource that must be conserved and preserved for generations to come.

Photo copy Giant Water Drop, making one copy per each student.

Photo copy place cards, cut apart and place in a container from which students can draw a card.

Explain to students that they will be making lists of water usage based on the card they draw.

Have each student draw a card from the container and glue it to the top portion of the water drop.

Next, have the students compile a list under their glued-on card of all the water uses that they can think of that take place in the location they've drawn (ex: if student has drawn the "amusement park" card, for drinking at drinking fountains, for water ride, for watering the plants and grass at the park, for cleaning out waste cans at the end of the day, etc.). Have them write their list in marker.

Once they've completed their list, have them carefully color the water drop, making sure the list is evident. Have each student cut out their drop.

Laminate each drop (optional), punch a small hole in the top of the drop and hang from the ceiling for display.

Note: if students would prefer, have them draw out two cards and make a list on each side of the drop.

Complete The Incredible Journey activity from Project WET. This activity enables students to simulate the movement of water within the water cycle.

Visit one or more of the "place card" locations and have a class discussion about water usage in that setting and ways in which students could help conserve water there during their next visit.
Grade Level:

Subject Areas:
Reading, Visual Arts

SD Standards for 4th grade:
4.R.1.1; 4.R.1.2; 4.R.3.1; 4.R.3.2; 4.R.3.3

Visual Arts
Standard 1


Creative Thinking

Prior Preparation: This is an introductory activity to familiarize students with ways that water can be used in different places.

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