1. _____ help put water back into the air through transpiration

2. The ________ River runs through the middle of South Dakota

3. ______ water is mostly stored in aquifers

4. Some _______can walk on the surface of water

5. This animal likes to build dams

6. One __________ of water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom

7. Every living thing must have ____to survive

8. A ______ can absob water through its skin

9. ____off the water while brushing your teeth

10. Groundwater can be found in an ________

11. Another name for a swamp is a ___________

12. A ______ has flowing water

13. Worm are sometimes used as _______

14. There is the same amount of water on ______ as there was when the dinosaurs roamed

15. Water come is three ______: solid, liquid, and gas
When you are finished, click here to see the answers!
Fill in each block with the correct answer to each clue. When you are finished fill in the puzzler with the letters from the dark blocks.
Puzzler: To be a good water steward, you need to help...
_________ ________ __________
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