Read the following questions and then choose which answer you think is correct. Write the letter of that answer in the space number indicated. If you have answered all the questions correctly, the letters will form a word. Goto the bottom of the page to see if your answer is correct.
1. What state claims to have invented water skiing?

A. Arizona, write K in space 7.

B. Minnesota, write R in space 5.

C. Canada, write P in space 11.

2. Which is true?

A. There is less water on the earth today than when the dinosaurs roamed the land, write E in space 3.

B. There is more water on the earth today than when the dinosaurs roamed the land, write A in space 12.

C. There is the same amount of water on the earth today as when the dinosaurs roamed the land, write V in space 11.

3. What percentage of the earth's water is fresh water?

A. 1%, write F in space 6.

B. 5%, write X in space 1.

C. 50%, write I in space 3.

4. What federal agency works with water pollution?

A. FBI, write B in space 5.

B. EPA, write I in space 10.

C. NFL, write O in space 13.

5. Which water droplet stays around longer?

A. One that is in a lake, write G in space 4.

B. One that is in a jar, write Q in space 2.

C. One that is in a deep well, write A in space 2.

6. How many teaspoons of water does it take to fill up a regular size bathtub?

A. 10 teaspoons, write D in space 8.

B. 53 thousand, write T in space 9.

C. 100 thousand, write E in space 3

7. What happens to your eyes when you dehydrate?

A. They become a different color, write J in space 3.

B. They fall out, write M in space 1.

C. They dry out, write S in space 8.

8. Which is safer to drink?

A. Water from an aquifer, write L in space 13.

B. Water from a mud puddle, write N in space 5.

C. Water from a polluted pond, write U in space 6.

9. Which of the following is a common water fowl animal?

A. A German Shepherd, write H in space 10.

B. Beaver, write L in space 3.

C. Goose, write A in space 12.

10. How much water is used by an average automatic dishwasher in one cycle?

A. 15 gallons, write W in space 1.

B. 45 gallons, write T in space 7.

C. C 100 gallons, write O in space 4.

11. What is the longest river in the world?

A. The Mississippi, write B in space 11.

B. The Nile, write E in space 7.

C. The Amazon, write K in space 1.

12. The amount of water needed to produce a hamburger, fries and a soft drink is:

A. 15 gallons, write C in space 11.

B. 1500 gallons, write E in space 4.

C. 15,000 gallons, write S in space 2.

13. How many gallons of water a day are carried across the U.S. in the atmosphere?

A. 100 thousand gallons, write Y in space 13.

B. 25 gallons, write B in space 10.

C. 40 trillion gallons, write T in space 3.

Clue to the solution:

You go there in May.
(Scroll down to see the answer).


1B; 2C; 3A; 4B; 5C; 6B; 7C; 8A; 9C; 10A; 11B; 12B; 13C. The puzzle word is "Waterfestival"
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