1. Water is stored underground in an __________________
6. ____________ pollute our water!
7. There are 5 of these on Earth (hint: the water in them is very salty)
8. This is what blows clouds around in the sky
9. The hydrologic ____________ is also called the water cycle
10. This is a form of condensation (hint: you can't see through it very well)
11. Water runs in one of these before getting evaporated
15. When water and sun land on a green _________, water heats up and transpiration happens
17. The star that provides heat and light on Earth
18. Surface water is stored in lakes; __________________ is stored in aquifers


2. ____________ is when water seeps into the soil
3. When snow melts and flows down the side of a mountain, this is called __________
4. There are 5 of these bodies of water between the United States and Canada
5. In the winter we have a lot of __________ on the ground
6. There is the same amount of water in the hydrologic cycle now as when the __________ were here
9. These store a lot of water up in the sky
12. The longest one of these is the Nile
14. When water travels up to the sky it is called ____________________
16. The time to conserve our water resources is _____________
17. A lake stores a lot of this kind of water
When you are finished, click here to see the answers!
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