Objective: Students will act out out familiar water activities.

Materials: Water Charade cards

Background: Every day people depend on water for everything. All living things need water. Water covers about 3/4 of the earth's surface. It can be found in oceans, lakes, streams, aquifers and in other bodies of water as well as in ice and in the atmosphere. Water is used over and over again.

Make a copy of the Water Charades cards and cut apart. Fold in half and drop into a container (box) form which students can draw.

Divide class into several small groups of equal number. Each group will have a different student act out the charade he/she draws from the box when it becomes that group's turn. All students should have a turn.

To determine who goes first, have a spokesperson from each group pick a number from 1-20. Teacher should have a number picked out that is the target number. Write each group's guess on the board along with the target number and then rank teams placement based on their guesses.

Have Group A draw a Water Charade card from the box. At that point, the student will have 2 minutes to act out whatever is written on the card. Only students from Group A can guess. At the end of two minutes, if Group A has not guessed the correct answer, their turn ends and the acting student returns to the group, after revealing the answer. The Water Charade card is discarded and play continues with Group B. If Group A has correctly guessed the charade, their score is posted on the board and the game continues with Group B proceeding. Teacher is responsible for keeping score.

Students are not permitted to use sounds, props or words during their turn at acting out the charade.

Game ends after each group has had a turn or after each student has had a turn.

List several water words on the board. Use descriptive words or geographic terms. Have students brainstorm a list of words that describe or are related to each water word. Put list on the board under the appropriate words. Use a "water word" to construct an alphabet poem. The related word or describing word must begin with a letter corresponding to one of those in the water word. An example would be to use the word "w-a-t-e-r", using the "w" as the first letter in winding, using the "a" as the first letter in around, using the "t" as the first letter in through, using the "e" as the first letter in earth's and the "r" as the first letter in reservoirs - now your first sentence in the poem is "Winding around through earth's reservoirs". After constructing the water word poem, with a heavy black marker, draw a large simple shape such as a water drop, puddle, cloud, etc.). Place a sheet of paper over the pattern and clip it in place. Rewrite the word poem in the shape of the pattern. Display throughout the classroom.
Grade Level:

Subject Areas:

SD Standards for 4th grade:
4.R.1.2; 4.R.2.1; 4.R.2.2

Classroom or Outside

Creative Thinking, Deduction

Prior Preparation: This is an introductory game for opening a discussion about wate usage in our lives. No prior preparation is necessary.


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