Water molecules have a strong attraction to other water molecules, so they stick together really well. This is called cohesion. Water molecules can also stick to other materials, like string. This is called adhesion. Try the experiment below to see how cohesion and adhesion work!

You will need:

2 plastic cups

yarn (one piece 24 inches long)


The Experiment:

Wet the piece of yarn.

Fill one of the plastic cups with water.

Hold one end of the yarn over the empty cup while holding the other end of the yarn and pouring water from the other cup at the same time. It might take a few tries to ge the hang of it. Once you figure it out you should be able to transport all the water from one cup to the other other cup.

Extend your Experiment:

Try transporting the water using types of materials like fishing line, clothes line, string, thread, wire, dental floss, etc.

Have a friend do the same experiment and see who can transport their water the fastest.

Figure out which type of material transports the water the slowest and which one transports the water the fastest.
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