Water is a remarkable substance! It is the only substance on earth that exists in three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. As a solid, or in the form of a glacier, the ice is is strong enough to wreck ships!

Is ice strong enough to keep a string from cutting it in half?

You will need:

A thin string

A bottle with a cork

An ice cube

2 heavy forks

Building the Experiment:

Push the cork into the bottle so that about 1-inch sticks out.

Balance the ice cube on the tip of the cork.

Cut a piece of string about 1 foot 4 inches long and tie one fork to each end.

Hang the string over the ice cube.

Put the bottle in the refrigerator.

The string will pass through the ice without dividing it in half.

Here's how it works:

The pressure of the string makes the ice melt just below it. Water forms under the string and it slides down through the ice. The ice freezes again just above the string. This is what happens when people skate on ice. Their weight presses on the ice and makes it melt under the blades.

Did you know...

If ice didn't have this property, we couldn't ice skate!
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