Objective: Students will work as a class to create a Loch Ness Newspaper.

Materials: paper, pencils, art supplies (markers, crayons, paints, etc.), newspaper

Background: This is part of a multi-activity unit designed to help children investigate water mysteries. Please refer to "Water Mysteries, Myths, Legends, and Strange Occurrences" for additional information.

Bring a complete newspaper to class. At many schools, newspapers are used as part of the curriculum. If possible obtain copies of several papers: large daily, smaller-market daily, and a weekly publication.

Teacher will explain to the class that a newspaper is commonly used to educate, entertain and inform the general public. There are generally several sections to any newspaper. Those can include the following sections: editorial, entertainment/life/leisure, local, national, international, classifieds, comics, sports, business, and of course, advertisements.

Divide the class into small groups. Assign each group a specific section of the newspaper. If you have a small class, you may want to assign more than one section to each group.

Explain that each group is going to be in charge of creating their specific section of the newspaper. Each person in the group will have to develop ads, articles, stories, etc. on their topic. An example would be that in the comics section, each person would be in charge of making at least one comic strip for the page. Another example would be that each student is in charge of "covering" a sports activity and then writing an article about it.

All stories, ads, articles, comics, etc. must be about either the Loch Ness Monster or other such water mystery creatures or legends.

Encourage each group to go on-line and do some research on Loch Ness Monster sites. Share the book list from the "Eat At Nessie's" activity to promote additional research.

After each group has completed their assignments, choose several students to do a "layout" of the paper. Once the layout is complete, reproduce Nessie's Loch Ness Times and distribute to the class.

For a fun project, have each student bring a comic book to school. Explain that comic books are at least as old as movies (the first recognized modern comic book was made in 1896). Have each student create their own comic book, including artwork, storyline and narrative - all based on a water mystery or water creature theme.
Grade Level:

Subject Areas:
Reading, Visual Arts

SD Standards for 4th grade:
Visual Arts
Standard 1

4.R.1.1; 4.R.1.2; 4.R.2.1; 4.R.2.3; 4.R.4.1; 4.R.5.1; 4.R.5.2


Inference, Critical Thinking

Prior Preparation: Read "The Boggart and the Monster" by Susan Cooper to the class. Advise the class that this unit will be about water mysteries and offer a summarized explanation of the "Water Mysteries, Myths, Legends, and Strange Occurrences" information provided for this unit.

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