Groundwater cannot be judged as fit to drink strictly by sight. People have contaminated drinking water sources across the nation.

This contamination has been caused by the many chemicals developed over the last 50 years. These chemicals, in small amounts, can actually make your community's drinking water unusable. But ... the contamination may not be noticeable just by looking at it!

Here is a way you can do a test to show you that contamination is not always easy to spot!

You will need:

1 gallon of distilled water

2 empty and clean plastic cups

1 small jar of pickle juice

A washable marker

Label each of your cups with an A or a B. Cup A will be your clean water. Cup B will be the contaminated water.

Pour water into each cup until they are about half way full. Set cup A aside. Measure one tablespoon of pickle juice and add to cup B. Stir carefully. Then take a small drink. What does it taste like? Now take a sip from cup A.


Can you tell the difference between the good water and the contaminated water?

What might happen to a person who drinks contaminated water over a long time?

Did you know... Contaminated water can't always be detected by smell, taste, or appearance?

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