Newton once worked in a plant that filled small-necked gallon jars with pop. One day a worker forgot to add flavoring and 500 gallon jars of pop were ruined.

Someone had to empty all those gallon jars into a sink one by one. Naturally, they called on Newton to discover the fastest way to empty gallon jars. Using Newton's method, they were able to empty each jar in less than fifteen seconds.

Can you find a fast method of emptying a gallon jar? Of course, you are not allowed to break the jar. Before actually trying this puzzler, try to think up some speedy ways to empty the jars.

Scroll down to see the answer.

Reprinted with the permission from Ed Schevick Science Action Labs.
Air pressure is working against you in this puzzler. It tends to keep the pop in the jar. You must get air inside the jar to help you
force the pop out.

Hold the gallon jug firmly with two hands over the sink. Rotate the jar rapidly to form a "tornado" like air funnel in the jar. Stop rotating to let the air come in and push the water out.

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