Objective: Students will design a restaurant menu then write their own mathematical story problems.

Materials: large drawing paper, writing paper, art supplies (markers, glitter, fun foam, paints, etc.), pencils calculators (optional)

Background: This is part of a multi-activity unit designed to help children investigate water mysteries. Please refer to "Water Mysteries Myths, Legends, and Strange Occurrences" for additional information.

Review the Loch Ness monster information.

In small groups or individually, students should design a fast food restaurant with a water monster theme. Design a menu and list the food and prices. Items on the menu should have a description of each food item. Encourage students to design a menu cover that depicts a water monster theme or a water mystery theme. Additional art work throughout the menu should be encouraged.

Next, write five story problems using the information on the menu. Have students or groups trade their story problems with another group or student. Work the problems and check them on a calculator.

Give students a reading list of water mythical creatures. The list should include an assortment of titles with a variety of reading levels. Some suggestions are attached. Have students read at least one book from the list. Upon completion of the book, have each student provide a written or an oral book report. When everyone has reported on their book, have a "Monster Mash" party to celebrate. Have each student provide a "water monster" snack - this can be anything, although the student has to name his/her snack a water monster name.

Have students design a word search. The word search can not be any bigger than 8 squares by 8 squares. The words can be up and down, diagonal or side-to-side. Do not include any backwards words. Word search ideas should come from the items on the students' menu. When student is finished, swap puzzles throughout the class and try to solve.

Vocabulary Glossary:
Loch: Gaelic word meaning lake
Grade Level:

Subject Areas:
Math, Reading, Visual Arts

SD Standards for 4th grade:

4.R.1.1; 4.R.1.2; 4.R.3.3; 4.R.4.1; 4.R.5.1

Visual Arts
Standard 1; Standard 3


Organizing, Presenting, Applying (designing)

Prior Preparation: Read"The Boggart and the Monster" to the class. Advise the class that this unit will be about water mysteries and offer a summarized explanation of the "Water Mysteries Myths, Legends, and Strange Occurrences" information provided for this unit.


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